"From a very young age we’re basically taught to think of racism and “anything bad” isms as something “very bad people [consciously] do.” We are always taught to identify with the good guys and wonder what the bad guys were thinking. We then have a lot of trouble actually identifying evil thoughts within ourselves, because we don’t see ourselves as being “evil people.” But part of truly understanding the horror of many acts in history is understanding that the people who made them happen were not particularly evil- the people that followed weren’t particularly evil. That evil often happens in little steps, tiny jokes and references and cultural nuances until something snaps and the whole thing snowballs into chaos and upheaval. Evil as it occurs when groups of people are denied rights or killed or discriminated against or whatever isn’t necessarily the result of an evil thought, but rather the result of a lack of conscious thoughts fighting evil."


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I’m reblogging this quote of myself because I’m tickled that I am able to find so many random references to my blog I never saw before through googling it. Haha

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From my adventures in privilege deconstruction, I have learned that this is very much the number one psychological barrier to getting people to admit they are behaving in -ist manners. It’s why you can tell somebody, “Dude, that thing you said was racist,” and the first thing out of their mouth is “HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A RACIST ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS I’M NOT A RACIST” because when they hear “racist,” they think Hitler, or hate crimes, or finding a person of color and enacting horrible, deliberate, bodily pain upon them. They don’t think of the fact that wanting to live in an all-white neighborhood because of “property values” and a better school for their kids (because most schools are paid for by property taxes of the district they’re in, which is why poor districts have poor schools) is actually very, very racist.

So much truth in here.

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